Wildlife Project UPDATE

Published: 10 June 2021

UPDATE: May 2021

Nick and ChelsieNick Self and Chelsie Phillips from Wiltshire Wildlife Trust's Wild Landscapes team talking about the Wildlife Friendly Alderbury project.  They take us on a tour around the village talking about various sites and ideas.  Inspiring!    Use our contacts page to get involved.

Watch the presentation now.



The Council has agreed to work with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust (WWT) to launch a brand-new nature project in the village – Wildlife Friendly Alderbury.   Wiltshire Wildlife will be undertaking a survey of the village – a kind of eco-audit – and reporting back to the Council with ideas on how we can increase biodiversity. And, the great thing about this is that everyone who loves nature can be part of the project. Yep, we can all do our bit for the planet and nature. 

The idea is to identify some flagship projects – maybe a new wildflower meadow or a community orchard (why not both!) - something that makes an impact that the council can fund. But alongside that, there will be loads of little things we can all do to help – keeping records of birds and wildlife, putting up bird feeders, nest and bat boxes, planting a tree, making a bug hotel or a hedgehog house. WWT will be helping us to get everyone involved.   The plan is to get the survey done in the Spring and then get everything geared up for action in early Autumn. If you love the idea of this as much as we do – just ping us a message and we will add you to our growing list of Alderbury Wildlife Champions!  

We are thinking of setting up an Alderbury Wildlife Group Facebook site where we can have a good natter about all things eco – let us know if you think this is a good idea.