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Alderbury & The Railway

Recollections of the Alderbury Branch of the London and South West Railway.

Law & Order in Alderbury

An account of policing in the village and a meeting with a double murderer. 

Cricket in Alderbury

The early days of cricket in the village and a connection with Charles Dickens.

The Brownies & Guides

Memories from before the war and a meeting with 'Lady Betty.'

Allotments in Alderbury

Allotments have come and gone over the years, here is an account of the changes.


The Fallen at The Somme

An account of the men lost in the battle of The Somme in 1916.


Men who fell in 1917

An account of the loss of 9 men from Alderbury in our worst year of the Great War.


Sydney Hazel death at sea

Sydney's life at sea and his loss along with General Kitchener on HMS Hampshire, 1916.


Over the Centuries

The story of Alderbury and Whaddon over the centuries.


Local Blacksmiths

A record of local blacksmiths living and working in Alderbury and Whaddon.


Content coming soon

Content coming soon

Books and Published Articles

Our books and other published articles are listed below.

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More of the Mosaic of Alderbury & Whaddon

This is a companion to our  first Millennium book which has sold out.  In this new book the group has continued its investigations into local subjects of interest with maps and even more photographs, some in colour.

108 pages with maps and photosgraphs
Price £9 (p&p £1.83)

Alderbury War Memorials -  In Freedom’s Cause 
Mary Hinchcliff & Bernice Range.

These moving  stories, set in the context of the two world wars,  tell the experiences of local men who gave their lives in the many different theatres of war.

128 pages with  maps and photographs
Price £6.50  (p&p £1.83). 

Alderbury's Post Office
Brian Johnson

Detailed in this short  booklet  is the history our Post Office at four different locations.

16 pages with photographs.
Price £2 (p&p 65p)

Inns & Alehouses of  Alderbury &Whaddon

Brian Johnson

This  booklet investigates the interesting histories of  two well-known inns - the Green Dragon and the Three Crowns - plus information about local inns and alehouses that no longer exist

32 pages with photographs  
Price £3 (p&p 65p)

St Mary’s Church, Alderbury
Peter M. Hammond

A beautifully illustrated and well- researched booklet written to commemorate the rebuilding of the church over 150 years ago in 1857. It tells the story of the restoration with over 40 superb photographs of the stained glass windows, many in vibrant colour.

48 pages with photographs
Price £5 (p&p £1.40)

Brick and Tile Making in Alderbury
David Algar, Ken Grinstead & Brian Johnson

The local tile industry goes back to medieval times. This booklet tells of its history and of the manufacture of handmade bricks in Whaddon until the 1970s.

32pages with photographs.
Price £3 (p&p 65p).

 The Royal Observer Corps in Alderbury
Peter  M. Hammond

In this booklet, Peter tells the  story  of the ROC in our area from its beginnings  in Bodenham in 1938, tracking aircraft in WW2, to its move  underground at Pepperbox during the Cold War and beyond.

24 pages with photographs
Price £3 (p&p 65p)

Village Voices Series: Molly’s Memories of Dairying & Dressmaking in Alderbury
Molly Hornby

Molly grew up in Alderbury and in this first book of the series, written and illustrated herself, she gives us a glimpse into her family’s businesses in the village during the last century.

24 pages with photographs
Price £3 (p&p 65p)

John’s Jottings: Wheelwrights. Carpenters & Builders in Alderbury
John Eyres

In the second book ofthe Village Voices series, John Eyres shares his memories of his family’s businesses  from 1890 – 1965

36 pages with photographs
Price £3 (p&p 65p)

Memories of the Old Alderbury School
Mary Hinchcliff

Marking over 25 years since it closed at the end of 1992, pupils, teachers & parents relate their informative and sometimes amusing memories of the school.

40 pages with photographs
Price £3.50  (p&p £1.40)

A Circular Walk around Alderbury& Whaddon (2016 Ed)
A&W Footpath Group

An illustrated hand -drawn map of the parish by Christine Marr with historical notes.  A3 size folding to A6 size in a plastic cover.

Price £2.50 (p&p 65p)


Alderbury & Whaddon LHRG - Tea Towels

With scenes illustrating our historic parish.

Price £3 each in white or cream cotton   (p&p 88p).