Parish News - March

Published: 19 March 2023

Caring for Alderbury and Whaddon

OUR ANNUAL INVITATION TO HAVE YOUR SAY IS COMING UP! Please do ‘save the date’ THURSDAY 18TH MAY 7.30 for the annual parish meeting. Whilst this is hosted by the Parish Council, this is your meeting. Without your participation it is councillors talking to themselves about things they already know about. DULL! Look out for fliers to be delivered door-to-door and for posters and website notifications etc. There will be a talk about how the wildlife projects in the village are making a difference, but the key focus will be on finding out how you would like the Council to spend your money. See below for a first few ideas.

Hearing from others

The Parish Councillors were joined by 6 residents at the meeting on 2nd March

· The Southampton Road Allotment Association were there to talk about the help they need with repairs at the site. They were advised to submit a grant application

· A resident talked about Wilts Council (WC) trying to engage with parishes about flood risks in their areas. WC want to collate information with our help

· We were able to confirm that the examination of the oak at Oakwood Grove took place on 7th March

· A resident came to ask for a grant towards the cost of swift and house martin nesting boxes

P C Pete Jung reported the theft of a mini-digger from a site in the village, and an attempted break in at another building site. The digger was recovered but the thieves did get way with a substantial quantity of lead from a roof at one site.

WC councillor Richard Britton reported on the recent Area Board meeting held in Alderbury which was well attended by local parishes and support organisations. There were a series of presentations supporting grant applications, which were approved. There was a Q&A session with National Highways which focused on the A36, particularly plans for improvement on Southampton Road (Salisbury) but also problems further south on the route.

Highway matters

Chairman, Cllr Elaine Hartford took the opportunity to thank Cllr Britton for his lobbying to support the resurfacing project of Southampton Road in Alderbury. Whilst many of you were a little inconvenienced in the very short term, everyone will benefit from the better road surface in the long term. With a better surface, does come the increased likelihood of speeding, though. The Speedwatch team are already back out there keeping an eye on this. These hardy volunteers are a resilient bunch and providing a fabulous service for the village. DO LET ME KNOW IF THIS IS SOMETHING YOU MAY BE ABLE TO HELP WITH.

Further meetings with WC Highways continue to make progress on work planned at Clarendon Road and Firs Road. We will hope to see a draft of the Road Traffic Order to be issued very soon. The Parish Council also continues to work closely with the school and the Football Club to improve safety outside the school.


· Pl/2022/09587 Change of use at Willow Bank ALL AGREED to object.

· PL/2023/01315 Alterations of conditions Alderbury Farm Cottage, Witherington Road, Downton, Salisbury, Wilts, SP5 3DL No objections


Repairs were authorised to the aerial runway and I will be looking at arranging some other minor repairs recommended by RoSPA in their safety inspection. Councillors will also begin a more regular inspection rota to pick up problems earlier. They also plan to begin building up a pot of money for anticipated replacements of equipment as it gets older.

Current ideas on spending money

As mentioned above, the Council has control of reserves amounting to about £50,000 which it must ‘earmark’ for projects. This has come about partly as a result of Community Infrastructure Levy money flowing into the village, supporting the recent big housing developments. More is expected. Councillors have a list they are working on. Please do comment on these or let us know what is important to you. The clerk’s email address is below. Best of all attend the Annual Parish Meeting in May and tell us in person.

Replacement noticeboards

Tiny forest at Spider's Island

Develop the existing circular path and create a new one near the canal

CCTV and alarm system at village hall

Traffic calming village gates

War memorial redevelopment

Additional Speed Indicator device

Develop The Pavilion

Begin a fund for playground equipment replacement

…..and finally, Best Kept Village!

You’ve won it before and lost out narrowly to Whiteparish last year.

It’s time for everyone to ‘do their bit’ to make where they live in Alderbury a place to be proud of. The official entry documents are being prepared now but it is what happens ‘on the ground’ that matters. First round judging starts in May.

BKV – it’s coming home!


Liz Holland
Parish Clerk, Alderbury Parish Council