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At the January meeting a resident raised concern about rats in the village. There was speculation that some residents may feed them – please DO NOT as this will only encourage them and they can transmit diseases to humans which can potentially be harmful! Also consider the position of bird feeders at this time of year as these may also attract them. If you suspect that you have a rat problem, it is important that you seek advice from an expert as soon as possible.

Key themes from the January meeting:

  • · Village Hall development project
  • · Maintenance update
  • · Play equipment and Skate Park
  • · Repair of broken bus shelter panel in Light Lane/Southampton Road shelter


Village Hall development project

The working party has met for the first time since it was established in December. The working party is keen to maximise the internal space in the hall and social club for existing and new users and will incorporate a meeting room and a treatment room. The external appearance of the building will also be considered as part of the project. Users of the hall and Social Club will be asked for their thoughts regarding the internal layout. Storage is always a challenge and will be a focus when considering the future layout. The working party will meet again at the end of January.

Members of the parish council agreed that a formal planning application to extend the village hall and social club should be submitted. Prior to this, there will be an opportunity for residents to see copies of the plans and ask any questions that they may have at this stage of the project on Wednesday 13thFebruary 2019 from 7.30pm at Alderbury Village Hall.

Maintenance update

The clerk was asked to contact Wiltshire Council to find out whether they would install a new litter bin at the Whaddon end of the village. The amount of litter seems to be increasing between Oakridge Business Park and the Post Office and it will soon be the main walkway for residents of the 28 new houses into the village.

The ownership of Oakleigh Lane will be clarified, as reports have been received that a white fence has been erected around a property which is encroaching on the width of the lane.

Plans are in place to cut back a hedge outside of a property at the bottom of Lights Lane which has been affecting the visibility of traffic coming out onto Southampton Road.

Work has started to the pavements throughout the village, to remove the weeds and clear away any debris to maximise the width of the tarmac for users.

Dog fouling posters have been produced in both A4 and A5 of the winning design following a recent competition at the primary school. The posters will be displayed around the village to remind residents to pick up after their dogs.

There are still a number of road names plates missing from around the village which are currently being produced by a contractor for Wiltshire Council. It is hoped that these will now be available within the next couple of months so that they can be replaced.

Thank you to all of the volunteers who kindly helped to remove the lights from the Christmas Tree……until December!

Play equipment

Plans are in place to replace the two basket swings and chains and the circular climbing net on the large multi play unit. The clerk has been asked to source further comparison quotes for the work, to be considered at a future meeting.

Repair of broken bus shelter panel

A quotation was approved to replace a broken glass panel in the bus shelter on Southampton Road at the bottom of Lights Lane. The work should be completed by the end of January. Lights in a couple of the other bus shelters also need repairing and quotations are currently being sought for this work.

Future Parish Council meeting dates for 2018/2019 (7.30pm, St. Marys Hall, Whaddon unless an alternative venue is shown next to the meeting)

Dates for the next few months are as follows:-

Wednesday 6thFebruary

Thursday 7thMarch

Tuesday 2ndApril

Thursday 2ndMay (Annual Meeting)

Wednesday 8thMay (Annual Parish Meeting) from 7pm at Alderbury Village Hall.

Don’t forget– Wednesday 13thFebruary at 7.30pm, Alderbury Village hall to see a copy of the proposed plans and ask any questions regarding the proposed extension of the village hall and social club.

And finally….Remember to ensure that your property is clearly identified, so that in the event of an emergency an ambulance or fire crew can find you as quickly as possible.

Alison McGowan, Parish Clerk


About our Village 

Alderbury & Whaddon benefit from schools, a Village hall and social club, two rural pubs, a police station, a church, a post office and a village store. There is a working village forge, which continues to this day, although others nearby have gone.

Alderbury & Whaddon are two small adjacent villages lying on a hill in beautiful unspoilt countryside three miles to the south-east of Salisbury, in the southern tip of Wiltshire. With a population of about 2,000, this quiet rural backwater belies a thriving and long-standing community with a strong sense of identity. There are a number of footpaths around our villages, please click here to download a map of the local designated footpaths.







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Alderbury Parish Council

Tuesday 2nd April 2019


St Mary's Hall ,Whaddon.

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An AED Defibrillator is located outside the Village Hall.

Call 999 for code to release machine and follow the instructions from the machine.

The Parish Council has arranged training upon request and a short training video can be found here.