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Firstly I am delighted to welcome Claire Bourne to the parish council as a new member.  We all look forward to working with Claire and hope that she will enjoy her time with the us.  

As a result of not having a regular monthly meeting in August, the September agenda was very full! Below is a summary of the key themes and what was discussed and decided.

Key themes from the September meeting:

· Maintenance update

· Footpath budget

· Work to village pavements

· Tree working party report

· Matrons College Farm Development – road names and no parking proposals

· Speed of traffic travelling along Southampton Road

· Village Hall project and potential funding

Maintenance update

Village maintenance carries on throughout the year in one form or another and following recent tree work on all of the parish trees, as we move into the Autumn the parish hedges will be trimmed ready for the winter. Please ensure that you too keep your hedges and trees that overhang pavements and roads trimmed back too. There seems to have been a lot of growth this year with the warm weather and overgrown vegetation can not only affect the visibility of motorists and pedestrians, but can also damage vehicles as they pass by.

Footpath Budget

I would like to mention the sterling work carried out by our team of village footpath volunteers. Between 23rd April and 23rd July they completed well over ‘100 man hours’ of work, strimming the pathways and cutting back vegetation to ensure that you can enjoy the countryside that surrounds the village. At the September meeting the parish council agreed to allocate a budget of £100 to support the group with fuel and equipment up until the end of next March and a new annual budget will then be allocated in the next financial year.

Work to village pavements

Following meetings and quotations from potential contractors, the parish council has approved for work to be conducted to the pavements running along Southampton Road from Alderbury Hill through to the post office in Whaddon. Weeds will be removed and the path widened where necessary by removing any debris. We will need to wait for the leaves to fall first however so that they will be cleared too as part of the project.

Tree working party report

A small group of parish councillors and residents have had their first meeting to discuss the trees in the village, with the aim of putting together a ‘tree policy’. This has been triggered by the large number of trees which have recently been felled in Alderbury. It has an impact on the village in a number of ways and the group are keen to protect the rural appearance of the village for the future. The group will meet an arboriculturist in the coming weeks to understand more about significant trees along Southampton Road. Further information will follow in future articles. If you would like to get involved with the group, please let me know.

Matrons College Farm Development

There were two agenda items at the September meeting which related to the new development. The parish council has been contacted by Wiltshire Council regarding initial proposals to introduce ‘no waiting at any-time’ parking restrictions on Old Southampton Road and the access road leading into the site. The parish council agreed to respond to Wiltshire Council to express concern about the proposals as the area is often busy with parked cars, which will be forced elsewhere, potentially into Whaddon where parking is already limited.

Secondly, the new development will include two new roads and the parish council has been asked by the developer, for ideas of names for them. The parish council is keen for the names to relate to an aspect of village history and following feedback from the village history society, members agreed that the two new roads should be named after the families that have historically farmed the land at Matrons College Farm.

Speed of traffic travelling along Southampton Road

In August a group of parish councillors met with the Wiltshire Council Highways officer to discuss concerns about the speed of some traffic travelling through the villages along Southampton Road and the various traffic calming schemes that are in place within the county. Three metro counts have been requested, for points along Southampton Road, so that reports can be produced to show the speed of traffic. Once received, the findings will be bought back to a future meeting for discussion.

Village Hall project and potential funding

Following ongoing discussions regarding a potential upgrade of Alderbury Village Hall and the Social Club, members of the parish council were shown revised draft plans of the internal layout of an extension across the back of the building. Significant funding will need to be secured for the project to go ahead.

Earlier in the meeting Dean Spear from Middleton and Major Estate Agents in Salisbury, gave feedback regarding the current position of the proposed medical centre at the Matrons College Farm development. It is unfortunate that since the plans were approved, no interested parties have come forward to take over and run the centre to provide healthcare services. Future conversations will take place to see if the funds allocated to provide the medical centre, could be put towards the village hall project instead, which incorporates the provision of a treatment room as a new additional space, which could be hired by practitioners to provide a wide range of services.

Future Parish Council meeting dates for 2018 (7.30pm, St. Marys Hall, Whaddon):

Tuesday 9th October (venue – Roman Catholic Chapel, Whaddon)

Wednesday 7th November

Thursday 6th December

Tuesday 8th January 2019 (venue – Roman Catholic Chapel, Whaddon)

And finally…..as you know the telephone box in the village has been converted into a book swap. Please do not leave additional books in it at the moment as it has recently become overstocked, to the extent that residents are finding it difficult to open the door! It is designed for reading books only.

Alison McGowan, Parish Clerk


About our Village 

Alderbury & Whaddon benefit from schools, a Village hall and social club, two rural pubs, a police station, a church, a post office and a village store. There is a working village forge, which continues to this day, although others nearby have gone.

Alderbury & Whaddon are two small adjacent villages lying on a hill in beautiful unspoilt countryside three miles to the south-east of Salisbury, in the southern tip of Wiltshire. With a population of about 2,000, this quiet rural backwater belies a thriving and long-standing community with a strong sense of identity. There are a number of footpaths around our villages, please click here to download a map of the local designated footpaths.







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